The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Sunday, July 29th 2018:


Rodney Crowell & Band + Special Guest, Matt McGinn
Rodney Crowell & Band + Special Guest, Matt McGinn
**Please note this is an outdoor event**

Rodney Crowell has been doing this for a while. In fact, his career has been so long and varied that you have to specify exactly which “this” you’re talking about.

There’s the record-making, which dates back to 1978’s Ain’t Living Long Like This to a decade later with Diamonds & Dirt, which yielded five number-one country hits. There’s the fiercely lyrical and personal songwriting, which has attracted cover versions by everyone from Bob Seger to Keith Urban. And then there’s the autobiographical writing, which extends beyond the music world to a memoir, Chinaberry Sidewalks, published in 2011.

Now there’s a new album, Close Ties, featuring the award winning It Ain’t Over Yet, a vocal collaboration between Crowell, his ex-wife Rosanne Cash, and John Paul White. It’s at once his most intimate record and his most accessible, the product of years of understanding the ways songs can enter, and be entered by, life.

Rodney’s special guest is Matt McGinn. His second album Latter Day Sinner was critically acclaimed receiving praise from Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 - “I’ve seen Matt play live and he’s fantastic and Latter Day Sinner is a beautiful album”. Matt has just released his third studio album Return of the Common Man.

Doors Open: 7:30pm
Commences At: 8:00pm
In advance: €25

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