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Saturday, November 18th 2017:


Julie Felix
Julie Felix, one of the all-time greats of the ‘60s folk music boom, left her native California in 1964, and after hitching through Europe with a duffle bag and guitar, arrived in England. A few months after her arrival she became the first solo folk artist to be signed to a major British record company when Decca released her first album, 'Julie Felix', and a single, 'Someday Soon'.  In 1965, she was reportedly the first folksinger to fill the Royal Albert Hall, and was described by The Times as “Britain's First Lady of Folk”. Highlights of Julie’s remarkable career to date, are a part of the who’s who and what’s what of popular music history.

What began for little Julie as simple home entertainment, as her father and his friends played Mariachi music into the small hours of the morning, ending up becoming this remarkable woman’s profession for over 53 years. When Julie comes to Ireland she will be in her 80th year, but music nothing’s changed; she’s still brimming with energy on stage and off, with performances exuding pure joy for music and the world around us.

There are those among us who just have to play and sing; to whom there can be no question of quitting; to whom their work is not a job, but a calling. Julie Felix is one such musician.

Doors Open: 8:00pm
Commences At: 8:30pm
In advance: €20 / €16
At the door: €22 / €18


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